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Title: نموذجا NDLTD : دور مستودعات الرسائل والأطروحات الجامعية في دعم الوصول الحر للمعلومات والمعرفة الأكاديمية على المستوى العالمي
Other Titles: The role of E-theses Repositories in supporting access to the academic knowledge at the international level: NTLTD model
Authors: Mettai, Khaled 
Boumarafi, Behdja 
Affiliations: Library Science and Documentation Institute 
Library Science and Documentation Institute 
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Journal: المجلة العربية للأرشيف والتوثيق والمعلومات 
Issue: 46
Start page: 505
End page: 532
The role of theses and dissertations repositories in supporting worldwide open access to
academic information and knowledge: the NDLTD model.
The University is an institution for the production of knowledge and digital repositories
have facilitated access to and use of that knowledge worldwide. This study deals with
one of the most important academic digital repositories to support the open access to
information at the global level, namely the Digital Network of theses and Dissertations
(NDLTD), as a collaborative project that supports the free access of scientific
production of researchers in the world. the study adopted the content analysis method
based on some criteria to analyze and collect data from the website of the NDLTD
project for conducting this research. The study revealed that the Project provides a
multi-language search interface that helps in increasing the access to the content in
different languages includes non-Latin alphabet languages, as the ETD-db software is
the model one for ETD repositories over the world, the NDLTD projects also involves
in a long-term preservation strategy with modern technologies to guarantee the
longevity of resources, the study also revealed that most of the universities participated
with an ETD program in the project offer access free of charge for the resource, as a
result, NDLTD project has contributed in supporting open access and the sharing of
knowledge with no restrictions through the increasing the universities that share its
research outputs, which has been adopted by countries from all the continents, the study
emphasized that the real challenge is the theArabic universities lack to an effective
policy for cooperation to make the EDT programs successful and prepare for the
partnership in the international context for increasing the visibility of the academic
content in Arabic in the NDLTD project .
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