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Saidouni, Djamel Eddine
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سعيدوني، جمال الدين
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He obtained his BEng degree from the University of Constantine 1990. After that, he joined the LAAS/CNRS Laboratory, where he prepared his DEA . He obtained his PhD from the University of PaulSabatier, Toulouse (1996). He is currently a Full Professor and a permanent researcher at MISC Laboratory -Computer Science Dept. at University Abdelhamid Mehri Constantine 2, Algeria. His main research interest is in the formal specification and verification of complex distributed and real time systems.
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1May-2015Relative Timed Model for Coordinated Multi Agent SystemsLayadi, Said ; Ilie, Jean-Michel ; Kitouni, Ilham ; Saidouni, Djamel Eddine