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Mettai, Khaled
Translated Name
مطاعي، خالد
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Khaled Mettai is a PhD Student and researcher from Algeria, he received his bachelor‟s degree in LIS in 2014 and master‟s degree in 2016, from the institute of library and documentation science at the University of Constantine 02, Abdelhamid mehri, he has been pursuing his Doctoral Program in the same institution since 2016, and he is a member in LERIST lab (Laboratoire des Etudes et de la Recherche sur l’Information et la Documentation Scientifique et Technologique ) , he has been working as part time faculty, he published co authored works in Arabic and English. His main research interests are: - Digital Repositories and open access. - Online Learning and reading. - Information retrieval. - E-Discovery and semantic Search. - Library technologies. - E-Resources and Digital literacies
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