Journal مجلة العلوم النفسية والتربوية

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مجلة العلوم النفسية والتربوية
The Journal of Psychological and Educational Sciences (JPES) is a peer-reviewed specialized international journal issued quarterly by the University Ech-chahid Hamma Lakhdhar El-Oued (Algeria) in March, June, September and December. It is an open access journal, and free of charges. The JPES provides an opportunity for researchers and doctoral students to publish their studies, in Arabic, French and English, which have not been published before or have been sent for publication. The JPES publishes original and qualified scientific contributions in multidisciplinary fields of psychology including, special education, clinical psychology and psychotherapies, neurosciences, school psychology, psychological measurement, education and counselling, considering the respect of the intellectual property rights and the ethics of the scientific research. The JPES permanently seeks to disseminate knowledge about the more recent, original and innovative research in the field of psychology and educational sciences. It is intended to be a scientific reference for researchers, and boosts the elaboration and consolidation of the scientific exchanges between scholars
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