Journal دراسات اقتصادية

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دراسات اقتصادية
Dirassat Iqtissadiya is an annual international scientific journal, double-blind peer-reviewed, free of charge and open-access journal. Published by the Faculty of Economic, commerce and management sciences, University of Abdelhamid MEHRI - Constantine 2, it deals with the publication of innovative studies in various disciplines related to economic and administrative sciences. The criteria for publication are objectivity and scientific range. Through this platform we seek to develop scientific knowledge in the field of macroeconomic phenomena analysis, and provide a chance to discuss scientific researches related economics,management, business, and several other disciplines. The journal publishes theoretical and empirical researches and gives interest to original topics and papers with added scientific value, and which assures to all readers and researchers in economics full benefits. The research is published in three languages: Arabic, French and English, and the authors are compelled to respect the journal’s standards of publication. The journal is published in both print and online versions.
Abdelhamid Mehri University Constantine2