Journal مجلة العلوم القانونية و السياسية

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مجلة العلوم القانونية و السياسية
The Journal of Legal and Political Sciences is an International Peer-reviewed Academic and Scientific Journal published every four months by the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at University of El Oued, Algeria. The first issue of the journal was published in June 2010. At the time, because of its association with the Institute of Legal and Administrative Sciences, the journal was titled "Journal of Legal Sciences." After the establishment of the university, the Institute transformed into a college, and thus the journal was renamed in January 2012 to become the "Journal of Legal and Political Science," a title which falls better in line with the field of law and political science. The journal publishes all scientific studies and researches in the legal and political fields in three languages: Arabic, French and English. These studies and researches are original, contemporary and seriousness, and adhere to the requirements of publication and the academic integrity. They also contribute to the development of the field of knowledge. Therefore, the journal targets all researchers interested in various branches of law and political sciences around the world. Journal Sections: The journal contains different sections, including: - legal or political studies and researches, - Texts and commentaries on judgments and judicial decisions, - Legal and political heritage.