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1-Apr-2019An Incremental Approach for the Extraction of Software Product Lines from Model VariantsBoubakir, Mohammed ; Chaoui, Allaoua 
20-Nov-2020Modelling elastic scaling of cloud with energy-efficiency: Application to smart-universityBerkane, Mohamed Lamine ; Boufaida, Mahmoud ; Bouzerzoura, Nour El Houda 
1-Sep-2019On the use of character n-grams as the only intrinsic evidence of plagiarismBensalem, Imene ; Rosso, Paolo ; Chikhi, Salim 
11-Dec-2012An ontology-based approach for semantics ranking of the web search engines resultsBouramoul, Abdelkrim ; Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi ; Bich-Liên Doan 
1-Sep-2017Personalized Online Analytical Processing in Big Data Context Using User Profile and Search ContextMenaceur, Sadek ; Derdour, Makhlouf ; Bouramoul, Abdelkrim 
1-Feb-2020Plagiarism Detection: A focus on the Intrinsic Approach and the Evaluation in the Arabic LanguageBensalem, Imene 
12-Jun-2011PRESY: A Context Based Query Reformulation Tool for Information Retrieval on the WebBouramoul, Abdelkrim ; Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi ; Bich-Liên Doan 
2-Sep-2011A qos ontology-based component selectionYessad, Lamia ; Boufaida, Zizette 
23-Jun-2020Towards a Formal Context-Aware Workflow Model for Ambient EnvironmentKhennaoui, Roumeissa ; Belala, Nabil 
2-Dec-2013Towards a Formal Model for Cloud ComputingBenzadri, Zakaria ; Belala, Faiza ; Bouanaka, Chafia 
31-May-2011Using Context to Improve the Evaluation of Information Retrieval SystemsBouramoul, Abdelkrim ; Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi ; Bich-Liên Doan 
Mar-2020Using Query Expansion Techniques and Content-Based Filtering for Personalizing Analysis in Big DataMenaceur, Sadek ; Derdour, Makhlouf ; Bouramoul, Abdelkrim 
1-Apr-2017Vers une approche pour la prise en compte de l’usager dans l’analyse OLAPBouramoul, Abdelkrim ; Menaceur, Sadek ; Derdour, Makhlouf